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Wings Global Technology Inc. was founded in 2016 to provide professional distributorship and product development in the field of semiconductors and electronics. The company offers a diversified portfolio of products and services including chemical coatings for packaging, wafers, engineering, and magnetization energy saving equipment, so we offer a variety of complete value-added services to our customers. In addition, we have distribution offices and R&D centers in Taiwan, Japan, and China, which enables us to provide integrated solutions and real-time services to our customers。
Wings Global Technology works closely with manufacturing plants and insists on providing nothing but the best services to our customers. Our team is made up of experienced industry professionals in the IC electronics industry. With a customer-driven approach, we are committed to providing the best solutions to our customers. Continuous training and expansion of professional expertise is our unceasing effort to help our customers improve their competitiveness for success in today's ever-changing market.